What is difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

What is difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

WordPress.com and WordPress..org are  two different WordPress hosting platforms. Difference between both platforms is that wordpress.com provide the hosting facility for the WordPress website while on the other hand wordpress.org do not provide hosting facility. It provides the facility of downloading WordPress script at free of cost. You can host your website by using your own local server or by using other hosting website. In case of wordpress.com you are not required to manage your webserver pay for hosting or download software but ads are shown on your website which is not control able by you.

Finally both platform have their own pros and cons.

If you are beginner or new user wordpress.com is best option because you are not required to get knowledge of managing the web server. You can set up your website free and quickly. You can also access more features and options for your website customization. But problem here is that  wordpress.com is included with in your website URL. You also can not upload themes or plugins of your own choice. You can’t edit or modify php code behind your website.

WordPress.org provide more flexibility and control over your website. You can use domain of your own choice, upload themes and install your required plugins. It also provide the facility of accessing WordPress files, database and code of your website. It also allow you to edit any file of your website. Most of the word press websites are hosted by self because it provides the flexibility and ability of custom functionalities  designs and codes implementation.


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