types of adverb|kinds of adverb with examples

types of adverb|kinds of adverb with examples

In this article we will discuss types of adverbs with examples.

Types of adverb


Adverb is a word which modifies the meaning of the verb in sentence. It gives more information about the verb.


He is running on the road.

He is running on the road slowly.


In the second example we can see that word slowly give us information about the action verb.

Adverb change the meaning of the verb by the following way.


  1. How action occur
  2. When an action occur
  3. Where an action occur
  4. How often an action occur


Depending on the above situation there are four types of adverbs. Lets us discuss these types one by one.


Adverb of Manner


This type of adverb show the manner of said action or way of action occurrence.

Angerly, badly, nicely, harshly, sadly, decently, rudely


She was behaving angerly.

Ali was injured badly.

She accomplish her work nicely.

She was speaking rudely.


Adverb of Place


This type of adverb show the place where an action is occurring e.g bottom, beneath, under, over, inside, outside, here.




She is coming here.

He is sitting under the tree.

He is walking over the hill.

Dog jumps over the stream.

Ali lives near my house.


Adverb of time


This type of the adverb state the time of an action when it occur or it gives rough idea about time of an action occurrence.


Soon, today, late, yesterday, tomorrow, then, now etc.




I will met you very soon.

He is absent today.

Train was two hours late.

She was busy yesterday.

Call her now.



Adverb of frequency



These type of adverb tells us about how many times an action is occur  or frequency of the action.

Often, again and again, daily, monthly, weekly, usually, frequently etc.



He try again and again but could not succeed.

She often goes to Lahore.

You usually sleep at the noon.

Aslam reads the  newspaper  daily.

Usually she comes late.



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