traceroute windows 10 urdu

traceroute windows 10 urdu

Traceroute windows 10 Urdu

In windows operating systems ping command and tracerout commands are used for the determination of that server is alive or not to whom you want to communicate. These commands can be used on any windows operating system. For this purpose we are required to know the name of website or IP address of the website.

Step-1 Go to start menu and click on run command.  or press windows+R key.

Step.2 Type cmd and press ok after this command prompt will show.

step.3  write command in command prompt in this way. “c:/ping” and enter.

Step.4 You will receive size of packet sent to the server and response time of the server.

step.5 If packets lost in the way than server is down and if packets received back it means server is alive.

In the similar way you can use tracert command which provide more information related to your server as compared to ping command.

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