What is sentence? What are the types of sentence?

What is sentence? What are the types of sentence?

What is sentence? What are the types of sentences?

Sentence is composition of words which gives complete meanings is called sentence. Sentence has four types depending on the structure and functions of the words.

  • Declarative sentence
  • Interrogative sentence
  • Imperative sentence
  • Exclamatory sentence


  1. Declarative sentence

Declarative sentences are those sentences which declare or describe the statement. This type of sentences announce simply idea and plan statement. Declarative sentences always ends with the full stop mark or period mark.

Read some examples of declarative sentences below.

  • He bought a new car.
  • We are playing hockey.
  • She is going to Lahore.
  • He is studying story book.
  • She was watching television.
  • I saw his brother in the street.


  1. Interrogative sentence


Second type of sentence is called interrogative sentence. In this sentence we ask question from some one to know some thing about any person or thing etc. It usually ends with question mark. We also called it question sentence or interrogative sentence.

  • How are you sir?
  • What is your name sir?
  • Where are you from?
  • Where are you going?
  • Will you help me in study?
  • Would you like take tea?
  • Who is your best friend?


  1. Imperative sentence


Imperative sentence are those sentences which express the request, command, order or emotions. Imperative sentences usually ends with the full stop mark but some times it ends with “!” exclamatory marks due to emotions of the speaking person. Here are some examples of imperative sentences. So you can understand the imperative sentence structure easily.


  • Switch on the fan. (Command)
  • Please give me you camera. (Request)
  • Please help me in writing article.(Reques.comt)
  • Don’t drink. (Advice)
  • Don’t waste your money. (Advice)
  • Raise your hands.                 (command)

  1. Exclamatory sentence

A sentence which express the strong emotions or feelings of the person. Emotions can be joy, sorrow, surprise, excitement, anger, appreciation, frustration.

Here are the few examples of the exclamatory sentences for your better understanding.

  • Hurrah! We won the match.    (Emotions of joy)
  • Alas! I have lost my car. (Emotions of sorrow)
  • What a nice scene! (Emotions of surprise)
  • How intelligent she is! (Emotions of surprise)
  • It is fantastic! (Emotions of excitement)
  • How nicely she is dancing! (Emotions of surprise)




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