psy403 gdb soloution fall 2019 2020

psy403 gdb soloution fall 2019 2020
Social influence behavior gdb……

Yes of course I completely agree with the statement that social interactions molds the behavior and culture of the society. When someone goes outside from the home then he or she will observes that how people behaves and what are the ethics which should be adopt and to avoid as well. For example when someone attend the marriage ceremony and he keenly observe that what are the customs of a Muslim marriage and then he adopt those custom which varies culture to culture and religion to religion as well. Same like when we see that drug addiction is not an acceptable act in our society then we avoid those gathering of addictions because we want to groom our personality in positive manners.

Type a and type b personality gdb
Type a personality is more competitive because they are born leaders and they want to influence positively their personalities in front of society. Type a personality employee are sharp thinker and they always keep plans in their minds then when suppose to be first plan will be flop then the second one should be applied and they are concrete thinkers while the type B personality people are a bit lazy and you need to give the tasks all the time to enhance their performance. They are not actually auto telic like type A personality people which are born to lead and never give up any difficult tasks in any situation.


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