psy101 assignment 2 solution fall 2019 2020

psy101 assignment 2 solution fall 2019 2020





VU ID: ____________________

Nam:  _____________________


Example Identification (Type of Long

Term Memory) 

Farhan remembered that sun is a star and our planet i.e. earth revolves around the sun.  Furthermore, he has also memorized that humans are mammals. Semantic Memory As Farhan knows about Earth and Sun facts and also about animals so it’s a pure example of semantic memory

Ayesha told her friends that she knows how to cook food, clean the house and dish washing. She told her friends that she assists her mother in every day household tasks.  Procedural Memory  Ayesha have some skills and she also told this to her friends so, it’s Procedural Memory
Anita told her friends what she had for breakfast, the drama she saw last weekend and what she did on her recent vacation.  Episodic Memory  As Anita told to her friend about her breakfast and drama that she watched in weekend so, it’s an example of Episodic Memory

Waheed is fond of cricket and wants to adopt it as a profession. He knows the dates, venues and scores of Pakistan team in recent world cup. Declarative Memory.  As Waheed knows the dates venues and scores of  Pakistan team so it’s an Declarative Memory,


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