Lesson.No.1 What is phrase? What are types of phrase?

Lesson.No.1  What is phrase? What are types of phrase?

What is phrase? What are types of phrase?

Phrase is a combination of two or more words without verb or subject.  Phrases can not be used alone but it can be used with some sentence as the part of sentence. Phrases can be very short or quiet long. There are eight common types of the phrase

  1. Noun Phrase :

    It can be consist on noun and its all modifiers.

For example Sunday became cool, wet after noon.

It was a play as old as time.

  1. Verb Phrase:

    It consist on verb and its all modifiers.

For example walk in the sun can be difficult.

You might enjoy dinner.

  1. Gerund Phrase:  It is a simply noun phrase started with gerund.

For example getting job is exciting .

Signing autograph take time.

  1. Infinitive phrase: it is also a noun phrase started with infinitive verb.

For example I went to Europe to study the language and culture.

Our company decided to reduce the hours for every employee.

  1. Appositive phrase:It restate and define the noun. It may consist one or more words. For example My wife, the love of my life, is also my best friend

My idea, a recycling bin for the office, was approved by the boss

  1. Participial phrases: This phrase starts with past or present participle.

For example The river  frozen over all winter, was finally melt.

Washed with my clothes, my mobile phone no longer turn on.

  1. Prepositional phrase: It starts with preposition and can act as adjective, adverb or noun.

For example Hat was on the table.

Ali was lost in the dark night.

  1. Absolute phrase: This phrase has subject but not have verb. It can not stand alone as complete phrase.

For example His tail between his legs, the horse walked out the door.

The whole team, their uniforms muddy and stained, call out for joy.



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