How to Setup Auto responder for your website?

How to Setup Auto responder for your website?

How to Setup Auto responder for your website?

For  betterment of our website, we collect information using web form or contact us form to know the suggestions of our user. When user submit this form. We receive a message of our user. But some times we are busy and could not reply back to the user. In that case we can set up auto responder for responding some common message to the user quickly even we are busy or on vacant.

To set up auto responder first of all we go to the cpanel of our web host and goes to the email section.

Step.1 In email section find the auto responder option and click on auto responders.

Step.2 select your domain name because you may have multiple of domains on single account and click on add auto responder.

Step.3 A new form will appear with the following options.

Charset which means character set. You do not need to do nothing with it. Leave as it is.

Interval : means after how much time you want to respond your user. If you set it as zero. It responds immediately. If you set it as 1. It responds after 1 an hour.

Emain: enter here the user part of your email you want to add auto responder.

Domain:Enter the domain name of your website

From:Enter the name of person you want to display on email message sent by auto responder.

Subject:Enter the subject of your message you want to send automatically.

Body: Enter the detailed message you want to send your user automatically.

Start: When to start responding automatically.

Stop: When to stop auto responding.

Finaly click on create/modify  button.

You have completed you task.

You can test it by sending email form other account.


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