How to encrypt your email by using host cpanel?

How to encrypt your email by using host cpanel?

Email encryption is a security mechanism which can protect email messages receiving from unauthorized users. This mechanism increase the ability of security and privacy of email messages by using the encryption algorithm which uses pair of “public key” and “private key”. Only valid Users can read the email message. Most common scheme for encryption of email message us called GnuPG. In this article, we will try to tell you how to encrypt email message using your website cpanel.

Step.1 Go to your website log in panel and go to dashboard.

Step.2 Go to email section of your website and find “encryption” Icon there.

Step.3 Click on encryption icon and open it.

Step.4 Enter your name, your email, nick name and key password etc.

Step.5 Set expiry date and key size and finally  click on generate key. Wait some moment. After creation of the key go to the next step for further proceedings.

Step.6 copy the public key and click import than paste the public key.

Step.7. now activate  the key.


Note: some steps may be different from my article because each web host have its own dashboard interface.


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