What is a grammar? Some well-known definitions of the grammar.

What is a grammar? Some well-known definitions of the grammar.

What is a grammar? Some well-known definitions of the grammar.

“Grammar” word used by many persons who do not care to know actually what is the meaning of the word. Each language study have three basic steps and grammar is one of these steps.

  1. Phonology is the first basic step of language study which handle the spoken form of the language and sound pattern of the language study.
  2. Grammar is the second part of the language study. We can divide it further in two parts i.e lexis and syntax. Lexis deals the structure of the words to make up some language which is also known as morphology. Second part is syntax which establish the structure of the phrase, clauses and sentences by using some lexis or words arrangements.
  3. Third part is semantics which differentiate the shades of meaning which can be develop from the given language.

Furthermore there are some other grammar definitions and notions about this concept. Here we will try to understand some more definition of the notion “What is grammar?”.


First Definition

According to this definition word Grammar define the knowledge quality of the language possessed by a person as you can see in the shape of their utterances. That’s why we say some time about a person who do not utter the words according to the quality of language knowledge , we say his grammar is a poor one.


Second Definition

Grammar is a book which describe the syntactic and morphological rules of the specific language.

Third Definition

Grammar means descriptive statements body related to syntactic structure  and morphology of the language.

Fourth Definition

Grammar means the study the body of prescriptive statements about usage Which may be considered as acceptable or sometimes unacceptable in specific language. In simple words we can say grammar is the study the skill of writing and speaking language correctly.


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