cs610 computer networks assignment 2 solution fall 2019

cs610 computer networks assignment 2 solution fall 2019


Assignment No. 02
Semester: Fall 2019
CS610 –Computer Networks
Total Marks: 20


Due Date: Nov 29, 2019                                           

Assignment Objectives:


The objective of the assignment is the enhance the capabilities of students about:

  • How a bridge connect segments and store address list.
  • How the switches construct their next hop table.


Uploading instructions:

  • Your assignment must be in .doc/.docx format (Any other formats like scan images, PDF, bmp, etc will not be accepted).
  • Save your assignment with your ID (e.g. bc020200786.doc).
  • No assignment will be accepted through email.


Rules for Marking:


It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

·         The assignment is submitted after due date.

·         The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupted.

·         Your assignment is copied from internet, handouts or from any other student

(Strict disciplinary action will be taken in this case).



Question No. 1                                                                                                                                   [Marks: 10]


Consider a bridged network consisting of two segments. The segment 1 consists of computer A, B and C whereas the segment 2 consists of computers I and J. You are required to complete address table for the bridge after each event is performed. Assume that bridge has just rebooted, and its address list is empty.

Network Event Address List
Segment 1 Segment 2
Computer I sends a frame to Computer J I
Computer C sends a frame to Computer J C I
Computer J sends a frame to Computer B C I.J
Computer A sends a frame to Computer I C.A I.J
Computer B sends a frame to Computer A C.A.B





·         Use letters A, B, C, I and J to complete the address table.

·         No description is required to fill up address table.




Question No. 2                                                                                                                                   [Marks: 10]


Following figure shows that different devices are attached with switches (1, 2 and 3). You are required to complete the entries for the Next Hop in the given table.

       Destination Next Hop
[1,4] 2
[3,5] 3
[3,6] 3
[2,5] D
[2,6] E


















Deadline: Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted on or before ___ November 2019






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