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cs601 assignment 2 idea solution spring 2020

cs601 assignment 2 idea solution spring 2020

cs601 assignment 2 idea solution spring 2020


Assignment No.2 2020


Question No: 1

After carefully analyzing the following figure that represents encoding scheme based on IEEE 802.3 Manchester approach, you are required to identify the bit pattern associated with the given figure:

cs601 assignment 2 idea solution spring 2020




According to instruction encoding scheme is given below in the table.

         1            0              1            1        1        0        1

Question No: 2

Suppose a computer in an army headquarters is transferring a file of 10 Megabits to a computer placed in a check post situated at the distance of 2000 KM. Assuming that sender and receiver  computers are connected through a point to point link of 1 Gigabit and propagation speed as 2.4 × 108 meters per seconds, you are required to calculate the following:

  1. Propagation Time
  2. Transmission Time


  1. Propagation time.

Distance = 2000 KM

Propagation Speed = 2.4 × 108m/s =

= 240000000ms-1

For conversion of meter to Kilometer

Propagation Speed = 240000000/1000

= 240000Kms-1

Propagation time = ?

Propagation time = Distance/propagation time

Propagation time = 2000KM/ 240000Kms-1

Propagation time = 0.008333 sec

we convert it into milli second and then into microsecond.

Propagation time = 0.008333/1000 milli sec

Propagation time = 8.333 milli sec

Propagation time = 8333.33 µs

  1. Transmission Time:

Message Size = 10 Megabits

Bandwidth = 1Gigabit/s

       Bandwidth = 1000 Megabits/sec

Transmission Time = ?

Transmission time = Message Size/Bandwidth

Transmission Time = 10 Megabits/1000Megabits sec-1

Transmission Time = 0.01 sec

Transmission Time = 10 millisec

Transmission Time = 10000 µs






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