cs510 assignment 2 idea solution fall 2019

cs510 assignment 2 idea solution fall 2019

cs510 assignment 2 idea solution fall 2019



CS510 Assignment No 2 Solution Fall 2019

Software Requirements and Specifications

(Graded Assignment)




Keeping in view the major types of Software Requirements, you are required to identify functional and non-functional requirements from the following: [10 Marks]

Sr.no Requirement Functional Requirements / Non-Functional Requirements
1 Customer has to create a new login account Functional Requirements
2 Foodie must provide login security for the customers Non-Functional Requirements
3 Customer can view the menu of different restaurants Functional Requirements
4 Customer can select food item of his/her choice to the shopping cart Functional Requirements
5 Ordering facility of foodie must be reliable Non-Functional Requirements
6 Customer must checkout from the shopping cart Functional Requirements
7 The customer has to fill a form providing his/her details Functional Requirements
8 Form must be compatible with renowned Internet browsers i.e. Firefox, Google, Safari Non-Functional Requirements
9 Customer should select the specific time slot Functional Requirements
10 Food will be delivered to the customer at doorstep Non-Functional Requirements









As a Requirement Engineer, which Requirements Elicitation technique is better for Foodie.com? Justify your answer with a valid reason.




Traditional Technique      

Interviews, Questionnaires/ Survey, and Document analysais

Reason: In this Technique Foodie can store the Basic Information about the customer, by taking a quick interview through Fill Up Form on the website it’s look like a short Interview about the customer i.e. Name, Address, Cell Number etc






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