cs101 gdb solution fall 2020

cs101 gdb solution fall 2020

Graded Discussion Board No. 01

Semester: Fall 2019
Introduction to Computing – CS101


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We are using computers in every field of life such as businesses, industries, transportation and education. In this modern era of technology, anyone can accomplish a complicated task within few minutes with the help of computer which otherwise may take hours without computer. Do you think that the excessive use of computer even in solving mathematical problems has negative impacts on the analytical skills of a child? Justify your answer with at least two solid reasons. Your answer should not exceed more than 5 lines.

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CS101 GDB IDEA Solution 2020


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In my point of view, I think inordinate utilization of PC even in taking care of mathematical issues affects the analytical abilities of kids. On one side where innovation remains at a surprising situation in human life, another side has its negative effects also.

Problem solving encourages students to believe in their ability to think

mathematically. They will see that they can apply the math’s that they are learning to find the solution to a problem. On the other hand if we use computer to solve our mathematical problems we will not be able to find how this has solved.



Problem solving by own will encourage and build up the confidence of the children. We should not relay on computer to solve our mathematical problems because this will have a bad impact to our studies and preparation. Ease of anything is bad. So we should solve our mathematical problems by our own hand.


Solving problem of mathematical by computer will give bad results as students will not be able focus on their studies. They will adopted this habit regularly. So this thing will bring laziness to that children.


Electronic gadgets, similar to cell phones and PCs, mostly cause eye issues in youngsters. This, in turn, causes multiple eye infections and affects the vision additionally. Solving problem of math on computer can take a lot of our time and this will have bad effect on our eyes.


There is nothing incorrectly in having an interest in gadgets and technology however the main thing which matters it is affecting adverse effect on your health, work,


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