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cs101 assignment 2 idea soloution 2020

cs101 assignment 2 idea soloution 2020

cs101 assignment 2 idea soloution 2020

Introduction to Computing (CS101)

Assignment # 02
Spring 2020


Total marks = 20                                                                              


Deadline Date
16th June, 2020



Question # 01                                                                                    10 marks


In CPU all the arithmetic operations are performed in binary numbers (0 and 1). Suppose you have a small CPU which is designed to perform all arithmetic operations using addition only. You will explain how the following operations will be solved out by the CPU.

  1. Multiplication of 6 and 2



                     1 1

110   (6)

110   (6)

   1100  (12)


  1. Addition of 7 and 3


                     1 1 1

111   (7)

+11   (3)

1010  (10)



  • Subtraction of 5 and 4





1100         (2’s complement of 4)


Question # 02                                                                                    10 marks


You have an image that can be represented in 8 bits. The image is given below:


You are required to send this image to someone but not in original form. So, nobody can extract the features from the image.

So, we will perform following two operations on the image.

  • Masking

You will apply an 8-bit (10101011)2 mask using AND logic operation.

cs101 assignment 2 idea soloution 2020

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