bio 201 assignment solution 2019

bio 201 assignment solution 2019

BIO201 Assignment

Idea Solution

Question: –

Compare the process of DNA Replication and Transcription. Discuss in detail both the differences and similarities with respect to their principle, mechanism, enzymes requirement, occurrence and processing.  


DNA replication and transcription:

DNA replication is the natural procedure of creating two indistinguishable reproductions of DNA from one unique DNA atom. DNA replication happens in every living life form going about as the reason for organic legacy. The cell has the unmistakable property of division, which makes replication of DNA fundamental. Translation is essentially a procedure which is use to combine the duplicates of various RNA particles, utilizing the DNA format.

Similarities between replication and transcription:

Interpretation and interpretation are forms for protein blend in both Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells. During interpretation, RNA (Ribose Nucleic Acid) is integrated from DNA (De-oxy Ribose Nucleic Acid), and during interpretation, protein or polypeptides are combined from RNA (It is mRNA or dispatcher RNA really, which is only the RNA containing hereditary data of the phone when contrasted with the tRNA and the rRNA). There are similitudes between the two procedures. For instance, the final product of interpretation and interpretation in the two sorts of cells continues as before, for example combination of proteins, the two Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes require RNA Polymerase to follow up on the DNA for interpretation, and translation inception occurs at the “advertiser”etc.

Differences between replication and transcription:

Following are the differences between both of these “DNA replication” and “transcription”







DNA replication is the process of making two daughter strands where each daughter strand contains half of the original DNA double helix.


Translation is the procedure which twofold stranded DNA format is use to incorporate the single stranded RNA atom.











Translation is the procedure which twofold stranded DNA format is use to incorporate the single stranded RNA atom. Translation is the procedure wherein RNA duplicates are incorporates of an individual quality.

Enzymes Required

Two enzymes DNA Helicase and DNA Polymerase use in this procedure. Two enzymes; Transcriptase and RNA polymerase use in this procedure.
5. Occurrence Replication happens in the S period of cell cycle. Replication happens in the S period of cell cycle.
6. Occurrence Replication happens along the strands of DNA. Replication happens in anticipation of cell division. Interpretation happens along one strand of DNA. Interpretation happens in anticipation of protein interpretation.
7. Raw Materials In the replication procedure;

dATP, dGTP, dTTP and dCTP fill in as crude materials.

In the translation procedure;

ATP, UTP, GTP and CTP fill in as crude materials.

8. Bond Repeated DNA strand remains hydrogen clung to its layout DNA strand. Translated RNA strand isolates from its DNA format strand.
9. Primers Replication requires RNA groundwork to start. In interpretation No groundwork is required to start.
10. Products Replication produces two Daughter Strands. Interpretation produces mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and non-coding RNA


(like microRNA)

11. Products In replication process; Products stay inside the nucleus. In translation process; larger piece of the item goes from core into the cytoplasm.
12. Products Results of replication procedure are not debased. Results of translation process; are debased after their capacity of over.
13. Copying Replication includes duplicating of the whole genome. Interpretation includes replicating of certain individual qualities as it were.
14. Unwinding and Splitting Interpretation includes replicating of certain individual qualities as it were. Interpretation includes the loosening up and part of just those qualities which are to be deciphered.
15. Processing Resultant result of replication procedure is typical DNA particles that needn’t bother with any preparing. Resultant result of interpretation is essential RNA transcript particle which needs handling to get last structure and size.


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