Article usage rules

Article usage rules

Learn how to use articles in our daily life  with examples in English language

What is the articles? What are the rules of usage?

In English language there are two articles i.e. “the” and “a/an” used for noun. An article like adjective modify the noun. Article enhance the meaning of the noun. In English language article is used before adjective or noun which modifies the noun.

Examples: a car, an ink pot, the city, a bag, an umbrella, the university, a book, an airplane.

  1. Article type and its usage

There are two types of articles i.e. indefinite article and definite articles.

Indefinite nouns are “a” and “an” while “the” is called definite noun.

Indefinite nouns are used with common noun for example.

  • She bought a car.
  • He has a doll.
  • She has an umbrella.
  • This is a tree.
  • They had a bat.

In the above examples article is used with common noun to enhance the meaning of the noun.  In the above examples we are talking about common things.

On the other hand other type of article is definite article which are used for specific or particular names, things or places.  Article “The” is used before the particular noun or common noun to make it common noun. Some times we used this article with common noun to make it proper noun of specific noun. Examples are The Pakistan, The Lahore, The car etc.


  1. Indefinite article usage rules

  • “A” article is used with singular nouns that starts with consonant or vowel words produce sounds like consonant such as a car, a university, a book etc.
  • “An” article is used with singular nouns that starts with vowel or consonant words produce sounds like vowel words. For example an ink-pot, an umbrella, an M.A, etc.
  • Indefinite nouns are used before the major group of things e.g. Pak Army is best army in the world.
  • For profession names such as He wants to become a doctor. His father is an engineer.
  • For quantities expression e.g. a couple of , a dozen, a lot
  • For number expressions e.g. a thousand, a million, a billion.
  • In exclamatory sentence before a noun e.g. what a beautiful scene! What a nice person!
  • Indefinite article can not be used before uncountable nouns such as sugar, milk , sand, water etc.
  1. Definite article usage rules

Definite article can be used both singular noun and plural noun according to the following rules given below.

  • Before the particular or specific nouns e.g. the star, the sun, the moon.
  • Before a noun which we want to make particular noun e.g. The peon ring the bell.
  • Nouns which becomes is phrase or clause specific “the” article is used. E.g. the person who helped me, the boy who do not study.
  • To change adjective into noun article can be used such as the most powerful, the best option, only the way.
  • The article can be used for a phrase which is combination of common noun and proper noun such is the nail river, the Lahore city, the Punjab university.
  • Before the name of organizations “The” article is used  to make it proper noun. The Child protection bureau.
  • Used for also scientific terms and concepts such as newton laws.
  • The name of universities stating their names with the word university. E.g. The university of the Punjab.
  • Article can not be used for country names, city names or places but it can be used for group of countries or cities.



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